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    What is eindiawebguru Cashback? Eindiawebguru offers various cash back for its customers for all the purchases made through eindiawebguru.
    For earning cashback customer must ensure that you are redirected to store through eindiawebguru link and then you make purchase.
    After the purchase within 48 hours eindiawebguru will send a cash back confirmation on email.
    Once eindiawebguru will get the final confirmation from store or website then pending cashback will be send to the account of customer.
    Cashback which customer earned from eindiawebguru customer can transfer the same in his bank account .
    Cash back will be actually transferred in account of customer once the same is received by eindiawebguru from store.This process can take 8-10 weeks time.
    What are rewards /Voucher Rewards? We are currently dealing with cash back only which will be transferred by eindiawebguru in customer bank account.
    I saw some cash back offer on eindiawebguru but they are not active now? Cash back offers are regularly updated by eindiawebguru so once the cash back offer finishes it will be withdrawn.
    Can I get account to manage my cash back? Currently we do not have this facility but we are working on same and same will be implemented very soon. Till the time facility is not available same will be done through email communication by eindiawebguru. There are no landline or mobile numbers on eindiawbeguru so how will I contact eindiawebguru? Customer can simply email the eindiawebguru on in case of any query or questions and same will be replied within 24 hour on working day. Cash Back Truths How can I know that how much cash back is available on product or service which I am buying? Next to every product or service exact cash back is always mentioned which is offered by eindiawebguru.
    Why cash back process takes a long time? In this unfortunately eindiawebguru does not have any role to play.It has been always confirmed by store or website to eindiawebguru that cash back has met all the conditions. And there was no return or exchange has happened. And then only eindiawebguru process cash back.
    What will happen when my cash back will be cancelled? In case of cancellation of cash back same will be communicated by eindiawebguru through email to customer. Unfortunately in this eindiawebguru does not play any role and decision of store of website decision is last.
    Cashback Problems I have not got the confirmation email from eindiawebguru about my cashback? It normally take 48 hours to eindiawebguru to confirm customer about the cashback confirmation but in case same has not been received by customer then customer can email on and same will be tracked by eindiawebguru and confirmation will be send.
    Why cash back is cancelled? It could be due to any of the reasons. Due to cancellation or returned or partially returned or exchanged or partially exchanged or due to change in order or there could be any other reason.
    Note- Its totally a sole decision of store in determining the validity and authenticity of cashback
    In case your cash back is wrongly cancelled by store or merchant then kindly email on mentioning your complete purchase details.
    Cashback Conditions What is a minimum cashback withdraw limit on eindiawebguru?
    There is no limit of cashback withdraw on eindiawebguru.As soon as cash back confirmed whatever is a amount same will be transferred in customer bank account.
    How to withdraw the balance from the cashback I have received?
    Customer will automatically get the cashback in his bank account directly from eindiawebguru .We are currently developing login panel from where in future customers can manage their cashback automatically.
    During cashback transfers from eindiawebguru there is no deductions are done by eindiawebguru from customer account.
    What are the modes can be used for getting my cashback?
    Customer can either share his bank account details or paytm wallet details and cashback will be transferred in the same by eindiawebguru.
    What if I have not received my cash back account timely? In case customer has not received his cashback amount timely it can email on and same will be transferred within 48 hours on working day schedule. Do I get the cashback also on the renewals also? Cashback are only applicable on new purchase. Services for example web hosting and domains which requires renewal also on same cashback is not applicable.

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